Which Raspberry for Ropieee(XL)?

Which Raspberry Is the best for Ropieee(XL)? Is it better to use a Raspberry 4? 4GB, 2GB or 1GB? Or is a Raspberry 3 ok? Is the Sound the Same?

I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 with 1 GB RAM and a 16 GB micro SD card, FLIRC case, with Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. I could not be happier. However, I don’t know if this is the BEST option.

1gb is sufficient (I have posted graphs about memory usage before). As to 3 vs 4, if using USB the 4 may be a better choice due to the separation of the bus.

Outside of these considerations, sound quality should be identical.

RPi4 runs hotter so you should use with a heatsink type case like the flirc.tv option,


Hi @spockfish,
I installed Xl in pi2. The Spotify option is not saving.
Do I need to use Pi3 for this option?

As mentioned on the website, RoPieee supports the Pi 2.

Hi @spockfish
Now I got it right.