Which Raspberry Pi model for RoonBridge?

Hi - I’m a Raspberry Pi noobie. I got a Model B+. It’s cpu info is:

ARMV6-compatible .

The Roonbridge install script fails, saying it needs an ARMv7. So I presume I have the wrong hardware?
It’s ok. It only cost $30, and I don’t mind the learning experience, but can someone recommend an RP that will work? (I seek to connect it via Ethernet, and have a USB input into my Marantz receiver, which has access to the NAS)
So I want to use the Marantz DAC capabilities.

Thank you!

You need a Pi 2 or Pi 3, B or B+.

Hi Henry. I have the B+. But it seems to have an ARM6 CPU, and RoonBridge requires ARM7.

You have the original pi+. You need a 2 or 3b or 3b+

Thank you! Ordered.

Stupid question. .with the RaspPi, I presume I will be able to connect the USB to my Marantz’s USB input, and things will ‘work’? (i.e, the Marantz will think the USB input is like a disk/ipod?

Or will I have to use my optical input?

If the USB in is a USB B class 2 input it should work. If it is a USB A connection then it is probably to connect an iPod or usb stick/drive so that won’t work.