Which Roon Software Should I Use?

I’ve been using the full version of Roon on my Windows 10 i5 laptop that acts as the Roon core. I have a lower powered Windows 10 i3 laptop with Roon bridge acting as my output to my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+. I like to be able to view the now playing info on the output laptop, so with Roon Bridge, I also need to have my internet browser open to display the now playing info through the Roon “Display” feature.

Would I be better off going to the full version of Roon on my output laptop so that I don’t need to use the internet browser to display the now playing info?

Also, would there be any advantage to going with Roon server on my core laptop instead of the full version? I rarely use the user interface on the core since I use an iPad as a remote to control everything.

My goal here is to have the most efficient and easy to use setup using the i5 laptop as my core and using the i3 laptop as my output, but with the ability to display the now playing info on the output laptops screen.

Any Input on other options that I haven’t thought of would also be appreciated. Thanks!

Remove Bridge and Install Roon on the i3 laptop.It’ll be fine since it isn’t the Core. When first running make sure you select the i5 as core (you can change this from Settings > General.

Since Roon Server is headless, I recommend keeping Roon on the i5 laptop since you can use this for both core and control when away from home if needed


Thanks Martin. I’ll go try that right now.

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I do exactly that on a Win 10 Tablet , works like a dream. If it’s only control wireless is ok,