Which should I make my dedicated Roon machine - NUC 7i5 or 8i3

I have 2 NUCs - one a 7i5 and the other an 8i3, and I want to convert one into a dedicated Roon machine. Both have 16GB of RAM. My library has around 10,000 tracks, a mix of FLAC on my NAS and Tidal. I have around 15 endpoints, mostly Chromecast Audios, with a few other random things mixed in. No DSP right now. I plan to run Windows 10, could be convinced to go Rock if its really a significant difference. I really dont care which one I use - the other one is going to run Plex and a few other things that would work just fine on either one.

Is there going to be any appreciable difference between them?

Looking at the Intel pages, the 8i3 has a higher base frequency and slightly faster memory spec.

I heard or read or this forum that faster single core clocking is better for Roon. The memory speed probably won’t make much difference. I would probably go with the 8I3 but I’m prejudice having the NUC8I7BEH.

What m.2 ssd do you have?

If the NUC is going to be dedicated to Roon I would go with Rock to eliminate the possibility of Windows updates coming in a causing problem. But again I’m prejudice because I run Rock. Had the NUC/ROCK for 1.5 years with only Roon updates and it has not failed me yet.

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Either will work fine. I’d go with ROCK on whichever you choose. It’s easier to manage for Roon than a windows setup.

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NUC7i5: loud fan
NUC8i3: quiet fan
NUC8i7: quiet fan


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It’s on a rack in a storage room with a unifi switch that sounds like a plane is taking off sometimes. Fan noise won’t matter

It looks to me like the 8i3 is a superior machine for video. Both machines are great for Roon so look at which is better for the other things you want to do.