Which type of ethernet cable should be used from router to Nucleus?

I’ve been on Amazon and have no idea what to choose - there are cat5, cat6, cat7 and cat8 options. I need 5 metres of cable between my router and Nucleus. No idea how to go about making a choice, so any advice would be great.


Blue Jeans’ site is useful in providing info. And products should you so wish.

I suspect Cat 6 (or 6a) will meet your needs for some time to come. And it’s not an expensive item anyway, so not a major problem should you need to change out at some distant point in the future


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Thanks Phil, I’ll get a Cat6 cable then.

Just buy a simple, cheap CAT5E or CAT6 cable. Amazon Basics or Cable Matters are both fine and inexpensive. Don’t buy any “audiophile” Ethernet cables – they are snake oil.

CAT5E – Rated for up to 1GB Ethernet
CAT6 – Rated for up to 10GB Ethernet at 55meters
CAT6A – Rated for up to 10GB Ethernet at the full 100meters
CAT7 and beyond – completely unnecessary for anything, since you should be using fibre instead in these use cases

CAT6 has largely become the new CAT5E at this point, as the lowest common denominator for pre-made cables. So not much price difference between the two.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve purchased a 5 metre Cat6 cable from ebay for £2.69

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