Which Ubuntu flavour on NUC?

Just purchased, a NUC5i5RYK

I’m going to install Ubuntu and then Roon.

Does anybody know the latest version of Ubuntu LTS I can install?

On the Ubuntu site there is a image for 7th Feb, and that’s based on 16.04

Would this s work on my 5i5?

Would the latest work 18.4 2?

Thanks for any help

I have Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS server on my NUC and it has worked really well. I’ve had no problems.

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Thanks, I was looking at using desktop, just give me a GUI option… Do you think that will work?

Recently installed Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS desktop on my Gigabyte Brix pro i7 5775r (similar to nuc) and it is working well.
Roon server + HQ Player desktop installed.

Sorry, just checked and I have 18.10 installed

Thanks…going to try this… Excited for the NUC to arrive… Out of interest, I currently have roon running on an iMac, is there any way to export this database? Or is it easier to start again… it’s only been 7days lol. But created some history.

You can export the database from your iMac, and then re-import it (Settings / Backups / Backup now), then Settings / Backups / Find Backups).

If you aren’t going to be running anything else than Roon on that NUC, a NUC5i5 should be ROCK compatible, so you might not need to worry about Ubuntu.

Thanks for your response… The only reason I need to go the Ubuntu route, is that I need to install open vpn server… On this core… I understand I can’t do this if I just installed rock?

Second question, sorry… if I use roon server or rock , I assume I can just add my Nas via the GUI?

You’re correct.

Yup. Though Roon generally prefers having local files AFAIK (it’s a latency thing, less important than having the DB on an SSD).

Speaking of SSD’s, caution is advised with NUC5s.