Which version fo windows for NUC

I’m getting the recommended i7 10th gen. NUC -0 and for various reasons want to run Windows on it to run Roon Core. A search here revealed this version: Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 as the recommended version. BUt a Google search makes it unclear where to purchase this and how much it costs - I see a wide range. (I’m a Mac guy, sorry.)
Also - will I be able to install it without a monitor? (Maybe using Remote Desktop?

From the aim of running Roon, WIN10/64 bit Home is more than enough.

Don’t understand where you are getting your recommendations or why.

To install WIN10, you will need a monitor and keyboard.

One can’t use Remote Desktop until one has an OS for it to run under.

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If you have a TV with HDMI input you can probably use that for the one time setup. I’ve done it that way.

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“Don’t understand where you are getting your recommendations or why.”

This thread:

Ah, that’s a bunch of horse ■■■■■

Some people just like to over-engineer things. What WIN10 version you use is the absolutely least consideration. Except for the short spell when I used Mac or the short spell when I used ROCK, I’ve been using Home for last 4 years. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t know about the other poster, but @rugby (who does know what he’s doing) uses the version he does because he uses his Core machine for a lot of other things besides Roon.

WIN10 versions only differ in some added functionality.
Totally irrelevant regarding Roon functionality or capability…

The only important considerations for Roon are CPU clock speed, an SSD for the OS, and Ethernet.

one consideration for a headless install is that home version doesn’t support Remote Desktop, pro does

you will need a mouse too

you can still use home but you need to install another remote option like anydesk.com or Teamviewer.com etc


I was going to say this as well. I’m a mac guy as well, but no stranger to windows. The mac client for remote desktop is really nice. It adapts the display to fit the 5K retina display of my iMac and even over wifi the connection is snappy enough for me to do light cad work in solidworks. I like to have the remote desktop be a full screen virtual desktop and it’s just like being on the PC (but the mac keyboard is weird for PC tasks(command ->windows key option -> alt)

Windows 10 pro is needed to use the microsoft remote desktop.

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Yes, but you could use TeamViewer or splashtop.

If you are dedicating the NUC to Roon, the “cost free” option is to install Rock, which is snappy and virtually maintenance free. The only reason to to use Windows is if you want to install other tasks (plex?) and enjoy futzing around with windows (which I, as a Mac guy, don’t at home).

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For a Remote Desktop, to connect to my Mac Mini and two other WIN10 PCs, I use Jump DeskTop.

Both the client and the server are free for personal use.

Thanks for all these suggestions, folks.

Hello @Terry_Knickerbocker, glad you got some help here! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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