Which Wlan speaker for roon

Mac mini 16gb roon core 1.8

Wlan 2,4 + 5

Pro ject pre box s 2 digital
Rotel pre amp / Rotel mono/b&w 803 matrix


Searching for hifi wlan speaker for use on terrasse outdoor under glass roof


Im looking fpr a pair of wlan speakers for my terasse outdoor sound. For example teufel one s doiblepack… aroun 500 bugs. I’m not sure if they would work as endpoint. Has someone experoence with these or other good speakers?

Stay tuned, Frank

The speakers must either support airplay, google cast, sonos or must be roon ready. This does not seem to be the case with the Teufel speakers. For 400,- € you get e.g. a pair of Sonos one SL. To what extent these speakers are suitable for outdoor, I can not say. But there is no real difference between the Teufel and the Sonos.

The sonos move could be an alternatve if you do not necessarily want to have a stereo pair. This speaker is weatherproof and battery operated, but costs 400, - € per speaker.

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Take a look at the Elac Z3 while considering what to get for your location. It is an all in one box Roon Ready speaker system. Ethernet or WiFi. Works very well with Roon. I have 2 of them.

Currently 399.00 on the Elac website.

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Thank you guys, my homemade challange is, that i want hifidiletti also outdoor now. Stereo… i check your suggestions now and come baxk to you later, thanks a lot!

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