White light shinning through Nucleus top plate

I recently purchased a standard Nucleus which is working brilliantly. Except along the side of the top plate next to the heat sinks there is a white Light shinning through, is there anyone else having the same experience, if not is there anything I can do to rectify the problem.

It seems to be coming from the back of the power button

If you’ve figured the source of the light a bit of black tape will fix it. You can open a Nucleus without voiding guarantee if all you want to do is cover the light.

There is no top plate. There is a bottom plate. Maybe you’re seeing light from the on/off lighted switch in back. Move it to another room.

Hi Jim,
Thanks for your reply.

The top of the Nucleus isn’t all one piece, there is a gap at the runs down the sides where the top meets the side heat fins.

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Hi Richard, we authorised a replacement last week and it should be on it’s way to you from Jon. I have the unit back here in front of me (dropped off on Friday), neither I or Roon HQ have seen this before. I don’t suppose you have a picture of it in it’s normal location / environment do you ? Trying to work out if has ben caused by heat, or if it was like that from new.


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