White Noise on FLAC 192/24?


I’ve recently added some 192/24 FLAC files and get white noise after approx 30 seconds on all of them?

I use HQP and it happens in both Roon Ready and HQP modes on the microrendu.

That leaves the Chord Hugo TT or Roon as the issue.

Any help would be appreciate.


No great help alas but from your description logic deems that the mR is the most likely culprit rather than Roon if the problem happens in HQP as well.

I presume you’ve done the usual, unplugging, restarting everything?


Hi John,

It’s also the same on 176.4 files.

Yes I’ve done all the usual and to no avail :rage:

I’ll contact the guys at SONORE

Have you anyway to connect your PC or Mac direct to the Hugo to see if the 192 files play?

If you upsampled to 192 in HQPLAYER, do these files play (through mR)?


I’ve just tried 192 and 96 in HQP and the same thing although the tracks run a little longer until it happens.

I have an iMac but not easy to get it close to the TT without a lot of buggering about. That will have to wait.