White Noise type issue on some DSD tracks

Using a Nucleus with USB hard drive attached, via USB cable into a Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.
Every now and then, when playing a DSD64 file, I get a kind of white or pink noise at the start of the track, which slowly reduces in volume until disappearing - total timeframe is about 10 seconds. Re-starting the track doesn’t re-create the noise, and my troubleshooting would appear to indicate that it only happens (albeit randomly) usually on a DSD track after playing AIFF, WAV or FLAC file. Same files played fine on my Sony HAP-Z1ES music server (which the Nucleus replaced) and also play fine on another system (using Nucleus+ and Kii Audio Three speakers).

While this white noise plays you can still hear the music underneath, which comes to the foreground more as the white noise moves background to eventually silent.

That has to be the DAC. What firmware is on it?

What about if you upsample everything to dsd64 does the same transition happen?

Yep sounds like it’s not liking switching bitrates nicley. Another user has had issues with Sony DAC and Nucleus. Not sure they have the best Linux support. You could try setting pcm to upsample to DSD and see if it sorts it out. And as Henry suggests see if its on the latest firmware.

Not at home currently but DAC is running latest FW (I believe 2.12 is the latest).
Will try the upsampling - would prefer to keep files as they are, but at least that gives me something to work with.

Did you even gett this issue sorted out? I have the same setup (nucleus + pro-ject pre box S2) and get the white noice on DSD64 to AIFF transitions. Chaning the delay on format converson does not help.

I have since moved on to other gear but I did solve it by getting Roon to upsample everything to DSD256.
Worked a a treat and this seemed to be the sweet spot for the Project too.

Thanks … that worked! I just changed the AIFF 176 setting for the moment. I’m not sure what the merits of chaning all AIFF to DSD are but I guess I need to do some reading and listening.