White screen after re-maximize

When I minimize Roon on my PC and then maximize it I get a white screen. I suspect this might be a problem with my computer rather than roon, but i’m Checking all bases. Windows updated itself yesterday but the white screen problem occurred prior to the update; in fact it has been the case since I first installed roon.

roon version 1.6 I(build 390)


Intel HD graphics with an Acer x223W monitor

Windows 10 Pro (updated yesterday)
64 bit
Verizon M4620G

This is almost certainly down to the use of Intel HD graphics - search the forum and you’ll find lots of similar posts. You can try updating your graphics drivers and/or using the 32-bit version of the app, both of which have helped some folk. Failing that, your only option is to add a different graphics card to your pc.

Hello @Stan_Jones,

As @dhusky mentioned this is a known issue with Intel HD graphics cards. Please give the 32-bit version of Roon a try to see if you experience the same issue or update your drivers from the Intel/Acer site. Sometimes there are newer versions published on the manufacturer or Intel site, so I would check both to see which one has the newer version of the drivers.


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