White Screen Problem / OS 11 Big Sur & eGPU

Since a couple of days I switched my Core (Mac Mini late 2014) as well as my main client (Mac Mini 2018) to OS 11.1 Big Sur. Whereas the Core makes no problems (everything runs smoothly) I just see a white screen on my client machine (Mac Mini 2018) when I open the Roon app.

I restarted the computer a couple of times, also installed a fresh Roon software 2x - no changes visible. Just a white screen window - w/o any functionality (I can’t see even “about” in the menu). Is there a chance to reset all ROON preferences for a 100% clean client installation?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Folks: found at least meanwhile the trouble maker: it is the Blackmagic eGPU! Deactivating the eGPU solved the screen problem. If anyone faces problems that kind and has a solution how I get the egpu running again w/o making displaying problems - highly welcome!

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