Who are The Stills & why are the listed on CSN&Y releases?

how do I remove the artist “The Stills” from showing up om Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young recordings?

Use the album editor to ensure correct artist/album artist are applied?

Is this from local files or Tidal/Qobuz? If from a streaming service it could be that their metadata is wrong. I’ve experienced similar with artists on Qobuz.


this is from ripped files from the cd’s by EAC

the edit function does not show “the Stills” but they are listed on queue

Show us a screenshot of what the problem is.

Are you able to separate the artists by going to:-

Settings>>library>>unmerge artists?

Might be worth a look to see if The Stills are merged with CSNY…


I had this issue with Deja Vu. To fix it, use the track editor: go to the relevant album page and then select all the tracks. In the new drop down 3-dot menu (at top left), select “edit” then the “edit tracks” tab. Select the “remove” credits link, where you should see The Stills listed as a Primary Artist. Remove and save.

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this worked, thanks

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I’m seeing the same issue with The Stills incorrectly listed as one of the artists on CSNY’s Deja Vu, but on Qobuz. Presumably Roon applies the same metadata to an album regardless of its location. Posted elsewhere but I’ll mention it here just to highlight the issue (as discussed with @Rugby earlier)
I’m not sure if I can edit the metadata as suggested above given that it’s on Qobuz, but isn’t the point of these threads to enable Roon to see issues like this that should be corrected at source?

If you add the Qobuz album to your Favorites, you can edit the metadata as though the album was “local.”

Thanks, I thought that would probably be the case although I don’t generally obsess over metadata too much. Still, good to know that it’s an option.

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Hello all, @Jack_Parks , @Rockhound , @Michael_Curtis , @David_Gibson @wkimbel87

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A metadata error like this one can be particularly frustrating and perplexing, especially on such a prominent and anticipated reissue. (Cracking anniversary release by the way; the demos, outtakes, and alternate versions really sell this one in my opinion - not to mention the remastering work! The interaction between Gram and Neil on the Birds demo is wonderful, and WOW, how good is David’s early demo of Almost Cut My Hair?! But I digress…)

After quite some investigation we’ve tracked the origins of this problem to the metadata found in the All Music credits for most recent 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition.

In the artist header at the top of the page you’ll notice that The Stills are erroneously credited as contributing artists. We’ve put in a ticket with All Music to have this corrected. Because this metadata error is on their end we don’t have a timeline for how fast it will be addressed. It could take a few weeks for that to happen.

Please continue to bring these issues to our attention as you find them, we appreciate you help and patience as we investigate these reports.


Hey @wkimbel87

This is a great, helpful step-by-step! Thank you, sir! :v:t2:

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