Who has a turntable in their setup?

My collection of record players is growing! (Somebody told me it was acceptable to collect records, not record players… I don’t mind?)


Looks beautiful. :+1:

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Wonderful looking deck.

How many do you have now?

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what are we looking at?

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This is a Brinkmann Bardo with the RöNt II.
At the moment sporting a Brinkmann Pi, on loan!


Oh fessin up’ i’ll have ti say about 5-7 different one’s! :laughing:


Wow that is definitely a number :star_struck:

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Cant compete here…lol
Down to just 4 tables right now…


The key words there are “Down to” :wink:


It simply deserves it’s place in the “turntable hall of fame”.

Linn Sondek LP12, Ekos, Cirkus, Trampolin, Lingo 2 and Lyra Etna into Grandinote Celio



Disclosure: I have almost the exact same turntable but with a different cartridge (Grado Reference) and phono preamp (Grado).

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I hope you mean 5-7turntables rather than records :+1:
For the record(intentional and not sorry) I am inadequate and only have two , an SME and a Thorens.
How come 5-7 surely you know exactly or are some more on the way/leaving?

Of course! Don’t know the exact no of records but around 2.500-3.000 where half is readily available in the listening room and the other half stored nearby.

I have two decks up and running at any given time and 5 turntables in circulation. Two more in storage needing some form of attention (A Thorens TD-160 Super with an RB-300 and an Opus3 Continuo with a Cantus linear tracking arm). The Brinkmann is in Germany for maintenance and i also have a Rega Planar 3 incoming! Just for the fun! :slight_smile:

Most of a turntables sound is the cartridge (IMO), but do you notice a distinct difference between all these tables or is it just for the different mechanical feel?

I like them for their tactile properties, of course, but i also feel that the turntable contribute markedly to the “sound”, not just the cartridge. The cart’s absolutely have “personalities” also, but they all do something i like and enjoy.

So basically the answer to the question “Why?” is: I enjoy the tinkering as well as the different musical presentation the decks provide. Add to that the various versions of the “truth” the cartridges provide, and i’m happy as a pig in mud! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I only have one turntable, an upgraded VPI Scout with a Sumiko Starling cart, but I can definitely see the appeal of a TT collection.

What’s your opinion of needing a mono cart for mono recordings?

Oh, i dont have more than a handful of mono albums so it’s not really my cuppa’.
I have heard a couple of mono setups playing genuine 50’s jazz albums and those do really sell themselves!

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@Mikael_Ollars What is your favorite record player of those you own? My new to me Bardo will be set-up this weekend. I can’t wait I went with a Delos cartridge, for now the std power supply and 10" arm.

On an interesting note, I had Wally Analog do an analysis on my cartridge and provide the requisite shim. The bad part is, I will not be able to do a before and after report just hoping for initial awesomeness.

:slight_smile: The very reason i have more than one is that i have many favorites!
I usually claim that the Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S is my “desert island” turntable, not overly expensive, very reliable and good sounding and a beauty to look at.

The Bardo and Viella are my references though and when properly set up there is no doubt they are superior regarding sound quality. The Bardo is the rhytmically driven one with great propulsion in percussive music but may loose a little towards the Viella when it comes to atmosphere and ability to project a scene.
The RöNt II/III adds a little flesh to bones but doesnt sacrifice tempo or detail in the process.

I have only begun my journey with the Bardo however, only listened to it with one cartridge, the Brinkmann Pi. I will definently experiment more, and the Delos is one of my most appreciated pickups.

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The SP1000 mk2 received an over due spring clean.

Sounds much better now, especially when I listen with my eyes.