Who has a turntable in their setup?

I have the last best turntable from Audionote (England) with Myajima Nadake cartridge. All my records are originals of the 70’s and 80’s. They sound better on my turntable than all the remastered files on Qobuz or CDs.

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Lovely! And a true classic of course! Did you recieve your EPA tonearm by the way?

I’m also trying a classic (in it’s latest form) and actually quite impressed as this is easily the cheapest spinner in my “garage”! It’s cost is less than most of my cartridges and yet it sounds really, really nice!

It’s the Rega Planar 3 with the RB-330 tonearm and i also have the Neo TT PSU. At this moment sporting an Ortofon 2M Silver but i’m waiting with baited breath to try the 2M Blue needle which i have fond memories of.


Congratulations on your new turntable! It looks really nice! Quite a bargain for the price I reckon? Regarding the EPA-100mk2; it was damaged in transport and went back to the US for the fourth time. It turns out to be a never ending story. I was quite bummed when it was faulty after a two years wait. Luckily I have the SME 309, so I can still use the turntable.

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if had to do it all over again, I would probably just stick with the P3 (had one for a while) and my current cart (Dyna 20x2L), and be happy spinning records.


Yes, agree.

As one who has only recently caught the TT bug, my goal is to have 200-300 favorite LPs that are well played.

Current vinyl is a revelation after the truly execrable vinyl quality of the '70s.


Is that really so?
On a personal note i seem to discover that the LPs i bought as a teenager or youngster actually sound a lot better today, than i remember them. Yes, the cirumstances change and i have a lot better equipment today which means less pops, clicks and vinyl nuisances than i remember.

I seem to like modern pressings and reissues less than the ones from the 70’s and 80’s as they are often muffled and dynamically flat.

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I can remember vinyl so bad it was unlistenable. Classical music, which depends more on silence than Rock, e.g., was the worse.

Records by mail, I’m looking at you Columbia House, were often so warped as to be unplayable.

It seems that there was such a demand for music, especially after Woodstock, because a lot more people were sitting around stoned and needing something to listen to, that pressing on virgin vinyl became harder.

Depends on the source, whether something sounds muffled or flat.

I try to buy from boutique pressings or those the specialize in REs, Acoustic Sounds, Craft Recordings, Sam’s Records, etc.

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I’d sure like to see a picture of your VPI in the future?

And, on the subject of the cart setting the framework for audio, this is currently spinning lovely music!

It’s the Brinkmann Bardo with 10.0 arm and RöNt II power supply with an Ortofon 2M Blue.
This little experiment shows that the cheaper carts do perform on an excellent level, given an advantageous environment!


I’m not sure if this has been posted…


New to me today.

Basis Audio 2500 Signature.
Graham 2.2 tonearm
Goldring 1042 mm cartridge.
The cart is definitely the weak link here, it’s ok but this table/ arm deserve oh so much better.
I think tomorrow I will fit my ZYX R100.
Just enjoying it tonight as is though.


One word, Transfiguration


I will give the ZYX a whirl first… before spending any more money :moneybag::money_mouth_face:

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My arm and cartridge came to an untimely demise, after a very unfortunate accident, all my fault. :zipper_mouth_face:. My dealer gave me a fantastic deal on a new arm and a Charisma Reference one Cartridge. The Versalex have never sounded better. The Charisma cartridge is a major revelation, beautifully smooth with great speed. I am going to give digital a break in the next few weeks. Its time to get reacquainted with my LP collection. :blush:


Looks a lot like an Well Tempered arm, is it so?
Ah, nevermind, i looked it up! :slight_smile:

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I love the unique design of the Well Tempered arms. The Well Tempered TT’s offer something unique that directly tranlates to amazing sound quality. Wonderfull flow, pace and rhythm.

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I completely agree, although I don’t buy modern pressings any more. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, or maybe pressings have improved since my last purchases some 4 or 5 years ago.

Even if this is the case, my days of vinyl purchases are over. Vinyl nowadays is ludicrously expensive by comparison with other media. I’m happy to live with the 800 or so LPs I already have and give them an occasional outing, but I’m more than happy to spend the vast majority of my listening time listening to my Roon music library.

Incidentally, although I have around 2.5k of my own CDs ripped to my NAS and in my Roon library, I no longer pay any attention to whether I’m listening to my own CDs or CDs streamed from Tidal or Qobuz via Roon. On my system (s) and to my ears, the differences are minimal and no longer worth bothering about.

I do love playing vinyl occasionally, but as much out of nostalgia as anything else.


Fully respect this position, even if i enjoy my vinyl playback way more.
Digital is “entertainment fast food” and vinyl is way more “at the event”, however at a significant cost.

Regarding the quality of vinyl i do definently see a quality improvement in the last few years also, so it’s a bit generic to state that all new vinyl is dynamically flat and of poor quality.

The vinyl prices are really exaggerated in my opinion. That’s my main problem and it has definitely made me buy fewer records. Unfortunately, the last record shop in the city where I live closed last year, and since I’m not an Am***n customer, I usually have to order LPs directly from the labels. This adds to the cost, which is why I rarely buy records anymore, rather I listen to new music via Qobuz and Roon.

On top of that, and I find this annoying, more and more albums are coming as double LPs, although neither length nor sound quality justify this in any way. Personally, I like it when an album that is 40 to 50 minutes long is also placed on two record sides.


Been listening to music a lot, as usual, but my Roon profile for the last 4 weeks -

Most of that was audition streaming some contemplated LP purchases.

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The table is not level.