Who is Aaron Mckee?

Andy Mckee is the artist, I have many of his CD’s, Aaron isn’t used or mentioned anywhere in liner notes

but appears (erroneously?) in Allmusic’s credits for this album only:

Ahhh…if only we could fix shit like this ourselves…but NOOOOOO…

…we have to submit a fix to the powers that be at Roon or Tivo.

AND we usually get a scolding as to why Roon thinks it’s not in our best interests to be allowed to fix stuff like this ourselves, or that more years need to elapse before a particular feature request might be considered.

Anyone remember “complete metadata editing?” :roll_eyes:

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Hello @evand,

I have reached out to our metadata provider and requested they make a change here.

Also, just to clarify here, these edits can be made directly in Roon by editing the album. You can also submit a correction on the AllMusic site by using the Submit Corrections link from the page which will be sent directly to our metadata provider.

I’ll be sure to update you here once we’ve received a response from our provider.

Thanks @dylan. Doesn’t making the change in Roon defeat the purpose of enriching Roon’s metadata for all users rather than just my collection?

Hi @evand,

Yes, I just wanted to clarify that this can be fixed in your library. There seemed to be some confusion above about whether or not this could be resolved without submitting a correction to us, so I just wanted to make sure it was clear that you could. In cases where it’s a pretty obvious mistake that can be seen on AllMusic, we definitely recommend submitting your correction directly to them which will resolve things for everyone once changed.

For this case though, I received word from our metadata provider that things have been changed on their end. It will take about a week for this to reflect in your library. Once you’ve noticed the fix change is there, please mark this post as the solution to the topic.

Thanks again for the report!