Who is the composer "Recorded Sound"?

With my live albums, roon is tagging “applause” as composed by “Recorded Sound”. I can see a lot of credits but not “Recorded Sound”. Recorded Sound is treated as a composer like any other. So I can play all the applause in my library back to back, loop it, shuffle it, and even sort it by artist, date or location. Very handy.

This is obviously madness but is there something I can do with it? It’s quite a convenient way of grouping applause so I can hide it from my queue. But on the other hand I like the applause when listening to the album. Can I selectively hide applause in this way?

Hi @tripleCrotchet This is an anomaly which is coming from our metadata providers. Recorded Sound should be a credit, but not in my opinion a composer credit. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

With regard to filtering / exclusion, there isn’t anything at the moment; please feel free to put in a feature request in that forum.