Who loves the new Tidal Captcha system?

Ok, so Tidal’s tightened up security it seems, and decided to put in the worst captcha systems ever… the dreaded grid of image tiles… :astonished:

See this blurry image… What? It didnt work out? Those fliers sure looked like street signs to me! And are the poles part of the street sign?

How about this? Oh, I see, clearly bicyles don’t class as vehicles, or do they? (note to self: try a different tack next time)

Hmmmm… Ok, how about this, select all tiles with a gangster rapper in it. What? You failed to spot that guy in the distance laughing as he goes into the bank? Damn, try again…


Doesn’t affect me via Roon does it? I do use Tidal occasionally with my mobile in the car but this hasn’t impacted me yet! Roll on Room’s mobile solution!

Haha true enough Henry. I think it’s only on the Tidal App, for PC (mac, maybe also?) but I do use that to make tidal playlists for on the go use on a number of different devices.

The Roon mobile solution as you put it is my #1 want from Roon right now.