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When listening to a track I love to visit the following site to see if the song contains any samples from other songs or has been sampled or covered itself. It’s a great way of discovering music that has a connection to songs that you may already be familiar with.

It would be great to see a familiar feature available directly through Roon - I’m new to the software so perhaps something similar exists already on the platform?



I would be very happy to have such a feature. :face_with_monocle:


I’d love to be able to add the tracks “this was sampled in”, or “the track that this sampled” next. Same with covers, btw.

@brian, out of curiosity, is this a dimension in Valence ?

Is there a “canonical” source? AFAIK Roon is not in the business of crowd sourcing or generating any content, though to some degree it agglomerates, reconciles, and deals with inconsistencies among other nominally “canonical” data sources. Put another way, if this data source were out there in a way that overlaid easily with their artist data structure, I can imagine this not being insanely hard - it’s just a field to add and an existing UI approach. It wouldn’t be “dense” in the library (because most pieces of music have never been sampled) but it would be really interesting.

But I’m afraid that if there isn’t someone out there who maintains this in an ingestible and reasonably reliable way, it’s probably a non-starter based on what I know.

A link to an existing datasource was in the OP’s original post - WhoSampled. AFAIK, it’s no less crowdsourced than MusicBrainz.

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Only to the extent that it appears in credits data.

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if the WhoSampled website has an API, this shouldn’t be too difficult to implement