Who will be the first one to try to upgrade to 2.0 on Synology DSM7?

I am hesitating :woozy_face: I do not want to face a disaster …

I`m on Synology DSM7. Upgraded to Roon 2.0
No issues so far

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Indeed works as planned smooth and fast! Thx for giving the little push I needed to jump ahead :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Also no issues here after upgrading

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where’d you get the latest package?

Are you running RoononNAS?

Did you also try your luck with Roon ARC?

Ditto. Works wonderfully. ARC is just another setting in the app, and ARC works perfectly. Very easy to set up with a simple port forward. Internal port is customizable as well.

I wonder how can I update to Roon 2.0 on Synology NAS. It just tells me Roon Server is activated but no update version available.

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When I launched the Roon client on my PC it said there was an upgrade available for my Synology NAS server … did the upgrade from there

yup it all works but still is a “disaster”, I can listen to music all the time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Well done guys, that is the whole Roon team, as well as Christopher Rieke for his wonderfully smooth implementation on Synology :+1:


Running Roon core in Docker on Synology 920+. Smooth upgrade. No problems at all.

Hello, where do you find the package for the Synology, I don’t find it anywhere ? Thanks


I must have problem with my glasses, because I see the 1.8 version for Synology dated from 20020216
Not the 2.0

Roon 2 works fine on my Synology.

The only issue is that while Roon Arc passes the validation test, I can’t access it outside the home. According to the port scanner at whatismyip.com, port 36733 is open and receiving traffic. So what’s going wrong here?

where did you find out the Roon Core V2.0 for synology package ? Thanks

Is the Synology download the 2.0 version? It does not say so, but it looks like it is a newer version than 1.8.


Like digitalfrog said earlier in this topic. Open your Roon client on you pc and you will be told that there is an update.

The DL installers are at https://roononnas.org/en/synology-dsm7/ for dsm7 or Synology – RoonOnNAS for dsm6

Update on DSM7 wit Roon 2.0 worked, but Roon won’t play. It shows the library, the tracks, but when I want to start playing it stucks. Reboot of Syno and start/stop of the server has no effect. Any idea?