Whoa everyone, you all are eating up ARC!

I was looking earlier on an iPad, looking on my iPhone ARC makes No. 41


Silly question, how to you get to that Music category under Free Apps? I can’t find it. Thanks.

I’m sold on it please add more to it though.

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Or it’s a release date burst and merely based on a small snapshot, marketing BS?

Are you confident to say that Roon Arc will still be in the top 10 a week or 2 weeks from now?

Or both? We had a pretty huge marketing burst and we have a lot of users. It’s not millions but it is many more than on this site.

I’m not confident we’ll stay up there, but do I know exactly how many downloads there were and it makes the app store less impressive than I had expected :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was pretty happy to see it and others are too. Please don’t rain on our parade. It’s not cool.


We will! This was just the start!


#126 on Play store in Israel. Tidal is #118. I’m surrounded by…

I had it going in my car via iPhone CarPlay. It worked great, features a little lacking. Maybe later :slight_smile:

Roon 2.0 and ARC are just absolutely awesome :partying_face:

On thé free apps page top right there is “all apps” click this and you can select different “genres” of app including music.


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I have installed it and it works great! I love it. It would be fantastic to create a zone ARC so that you can move your que to it so you can keep listening to your playlist at exact the same point as you were.

#25 in Play Store The Netherlands. Unfortunately waiting for a fix https://community.roonlabs.com/t/arc-fails-when-syncing-to-core-investigating/213687/35

Love, love, Roon ARC. Love it as it is - but if I could be greedy:

  • Carply integration

  • Roon ARC bridge: I imagine this would be controversial, but rather than running a second Roon Core in a second location, you can have your streamers/dacs elsewhere connect to your Roon Core at home. It’s cleaner than having two Roon Cores. That said, I realize this would hurt the revenue stream for users buying a second roon core. That said, I would pay extra for the functionality (maybe not as much as a second Roon subscription, but maybe I would). Anyhow, I think more users would leverage this which would make up the revenue. If Roon ARC works, I think the heavy lifting is done from a development standpoint - but the challenge would be making it as elegant and simple as Roon ARC.

Thank you guys. This is a dream come true. I only have to use one system for my music now! It works great.

ARC is such a big deal. Thanks !!!