Why all the TIDAL hate?

It seems like every article/blog/news/whatever slams TIDAL. I don’t care who owns it, just don’t screw it up! I have enjoyed it since its US introduction and there are many products that have it embedded in some way. I have two, Roon and an Auralic Aries.

Is there cause for concern that TIDAL will go away since acquired by the new owner(s)?

BTW, do have a look at the recent “Where’s Waldo” picture of the TIDAL staff…


It does seem to be pretty relentless, doesn’t it! It feels like there are actually two barely-connected products called Tidal:

  • Tidal as a streaming service to better benefit musicians, which seems to be winding everyone up but is being discussed by the more mainstream news outlets (they all seem to suggest that Tidal sprung forth from the benevolence of Mr Z and didn’t exist before Him)
  • Tidal as an audiophile streaming service for people willing to pay extra for decent quality content, which seems to be ignored by all but the audiophile-orientated news sources.

Very frustrating. :angry:

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Tidal is not for everyone. It’s charges are more expensive, too.

A friend tried it before the sale and even with a commercial quality connection at home constantly had drop outs and then Tidal changed the customer service interaction and he felt he could not get any help so he dropped it. He is really a big music lover rather than audiophile but the service just didn’t cut it.

@audio2addict – I don’t speak for TIDAL, but it is my understanding that they has been moving all their content into the largest CDN network in the world, and for the content that is there already, it’s rock solid. The hope is everything should be there within the next few weeks.

I get the feeling that post-Jay-Z, they have had massive growth, and that growth has caused them to reprioritize the scalability of their system to the forefront of everything. This is why I love the acquisition… so far, it’s only improved the service.

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Not in China, though. I am testing both their Tidal Premium and Hifi services, and both stutters. I had written to them but no improvement.

I have had a great experience, having used TIDAL with Safari, Chrome, IE, PC app, Mac app, Auralic Aries and Roon. No dropouts or other problems. Time Warner Cable in southern California.

I thought I read about TIDAL moving to Amazon Web Services.

No real problems with Tidal/Roon here. The integration with Roon is amazing. This makes it really work as it should. Naysayers don’t like paying for anything and don’t think others should be allowed to.

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@danny and @Chrislayeruk, I agree I have seen service improvements since joining. I find some of the media negativity around Tidal and Jay-Z comical even if I’m not Mr Carters biggest fan.
Two great products that work very well together and both teams making improvements. Keep it up guys!

I’ve seen some dropouts in the past when using it mobile (prior to acquisition), but it has improved in the last month or so and quality issues are now directly related to lack of coverage.
At home for things have always been rock solid.

The only drawback over Spotify imho is the lack of good current chart lists.

Some of the hate is probably being driven by Apple to muddy the waters and buy some time before their own iTunes/Beats music service revamp . Either way , Tidal is new to the game and can only improve .

Does anyone know (rumors?) if Apple intends CD quality streaming?

@regnad, all the press towards Apple’s future service implies that they are trying to lower the price, not increase it. Labels would never agree to lossless quality for less money, so my guess is that they are building something to compete with Spotify/Deezer, with an artist driven service, like their dead Ping thing. Mass market all the way, and not focused on quality.

I’m intrigued with Tidal and would be happy to pay for a quality music streaming service.


  • it’s not “High quality” it’s CD quality - so a lot better than mp3, and may be good enough for many players / systems
  • the range of music is currently rather limited;
  • If it was priced in the UK as it is in the USA, I would probably already be a subscriber.
  • at UK £19.99 v. USD $19.99 it costs UK subscribers >50% more (GBP £19.99 = USD $30.40 on XE).

That’s both marketing abuse and too much for too little.

  • that’s 2-4 albums per month to add to my 1k+ collection
  • and I’ve got a much better selection of people I like

I don’t “hate” Tidal, but I don’t trust them and will not at this moment buy into their model

Until MQA is available, CD streaming is the best you can have now. I find it great to be able to plug holes In my library and to be able to listen to new albums on release.
It’s not for everyone but it really integrates well in Roon.

I haven’t bitten the bullet to sign up, as it’s not in my family budget to add another subscription to another “thing”, whatever that may be, but I do have many friends using the service and loving it. Most are them are professional audiophiles, but there are some “normal” people in there too with more modest systems, and they can’t give up the audio quality that TIDAL offers.

Plays perfectly with Roon. Not a single hiccup in about a week now.

Interesting Bloomberg article on the service


dont get it … Does the press expect TIDAL go from 50k users to millions in 2 months?

Just part of Iovine’s, Apple’s and the Labels smear campaign against Tidal…as they fear losing their 65% royalty commissions if Tidal succeeds in allowing Artists to share their music DIRECT and cut out the labels…and Apple are trying to cover their $3bn investment

The ferocity and frequency of these “hit-pieces” is too orchestrated to be a co-incidence IMHO