Why Any Delay in Inserting New Art with Valence?

Why not allow newly uploaded artwork to be displayed immediately? I understand that there is a follow-on process that could result in the art’s removal or replacement, but why not display the contender in the meantime?

Someone could upload an image considered offensive, deliberately or by accident. If Roon distributes this automatically to 250,000+ users there could be some legal liability if someone really takes offence and sues?

Fair point. I was really only concerned with it being displayed on my computer.

In any case, there is no guarantee that any image uploaded will be displayed once people see it and start voting for it or other images they consider better. This is a source of annoyance to some, with some artists having quite an image churn rate; not always for the better IMHO. What is becoming obvious though is that good quality hi-res images that don’t belong to Getty/Shutterstock/Alamy etc are very hard to find.

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