Why are my replies being moderated

I just posted a reply in the Tidal section and it’s saying it’s awaiting approval? What this for why are my posts being moderated not as if I am a new user? @moderators any idea

I don’t know Simon.

This appears to be the relevant post. The system flagged it as requiring approval supposedly because it contained a watched word, but I can’t see any watched word in it. I approved the post.

Has it happened before ? Let us know in this thread if it happens again. At the moment I can only put it down to gremlins.

No first time, but will if it happens again. Thanks Andy

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Perhaps the name of the 45th U.S. president?

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Yep. That’s it.


Well, there goes my idea of a thread for bridge players… :grimacing:


Yes seriously. There are places to discuss US politics, but not on this Forum.

Yes, of course political discussion should occur on other appropriate sites.

Interesting approach though.


  • I wonder whether Polk speakers in my garden are the right choice… They’d be good under the bush, I reckon.

  • Hope they will grant my wish to pierce my ear.


Maybe they’re biden their time until the list gets updated.

Interesting set of (double) standards.

Hey, @Terry_Stone
Did I tell you I was buying a new piece of gear from Harris?
Should cost me a pretty pence (equivalent to $1.39 US).

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