Why are some album credits grey'd out?

Hi, I was exploring the album credits and I wanted to know who mastered the album AND what else they have mastered in my library AND on Tidal.

i.e. Pearl Jam “Ten” Mastered by “Bob Ludwig”

I can’t select the link in Roon, it is grey’d out.

if I go to allmusic.com and enter a query for PJ 10, I can choose Bob Ludwig and see all (most :wink: ) of his contributions to the art of music.

Will Roon get more than just artist credits at the final release?

Non-musical credits browsing is something we plan to address in the product soon. You are far from the only person who cares about this data.

If we don’t get to this before the public release next week, we’ll do something about it in a subsequent software update. There is no such thing as a final release for Roon :smiley:


Brian- Solid. You rock!

+1 on making this a priority. It’s a really cool feature of Sooloos that I’d love to have in Roon.

@ComputerAudiophile, Chris you see what I did there… #10Club.

Oh yes :~)