Why Are Some Qobuz Titles Missing On Roon

Why are some titles present on Qobuz missing on Roon. For instance, Steely Dan Everything Must Go is found on Qobuz but not on Roon, just three singles from that album. Pretty frustrating.

What country are you in? I get this in Amerika -

Don’t be frustrated. If your country isn’t affecting that ( for some reason) try going into the Qobuz app and adding it to Favorites there. It should show up in Roon after a resync.,

Thanks for the tip. I added Everything Must Go to my favorites so hopefully it shows up on Roon. I am in the US.

Do a resync in Settings==>Storage.

I tried it as an experiment and it worked for me. Listening to it now.

This shows up here (Netherlands) if I search for “steely dan everything must go”

Not sure if it’s related to the OP’s problem, but the single “Everything Must Go” should not be a version of its eponymous main album. I’ve asked TiVo to correct this.