Why are some .WAV and .DFF Files Skipped When Importing From My Library Folder

Roon Core Machine

Sonore Sonictransporter i5 running Roon 1.8 as Core

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Eero 5 mesh routers
Synology DS415+ NAS (library storage)
Netgear ProSAFE 8 ports gigabit unmanaged switch(GS108v4)

Connected Audio Devices

Sonore OpticalRendu connected via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

80K tracks

Description of Issue

A number of tracks in my library don’t get imported. Settings>Library>Skipped Tracks shows them as skipped due to “Audio Stream Format Not Supported”, but they are all .WAV or .DFF files. I’ve cleaned up some file/folder names to eliminate special characters, and forced a library rescan, but still they are skipped files.

Are you sure that they are not corrupted; Also are they normal files with the correct streams or they have a different codec inside?

What is your main os? If you run windonws you can play them with foobar2000 to see that they are correct. Also a mediainfo software can show their internals.

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Note that Roon does not support compressed DFF media. Like others have said, have a look at these files media content, to see if they diverge from what one might expect?

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Thank you @Panagiotis_Koutris and @Mikael_Ollars for stepping in right away with valuable suggestions.

Hello @Spencer_Bank and thanks for letting us what you’re trying to resolve. Have any of the points above helped?

Not really.
my .wav files listed as “skipped” play fine via Apple Music app on my Macbook.
I haven’t found an easy way on Mac to test the .dff files.

Although i use Windows I can suggest Foobar2000 for Mac and a trial of Jriver or Audirvana Studio. For a native solution there is VOX.

For the DFF files you can do a conversion to a more usable DSF file. It’s the same thing but it adds tagging support.

Signalyst at the end of the page you can find the application dff2dsf to try some conversion.

For WAV files you have to provide a mediainfo log to see what’s going on. Also try to convert them to FLAC or ALAC which are also lossless.

Thanks for the swift reply, @Spencer_Bank. Sorry about the trouble.

Could you please upload one .wav track / album to Dropbox or a similar service, so our team can take a closer look at why they might not work?

Thanks :pray:

Hey @Spencer_Bank,

I wanted to make sure I check in with you before this thread is automatically closed. Can we still help with these files?

The problem still exists, but I am now having a bigger issue; I can’t play anything in Roon, that I’ve opened a new thread for. So my attention is focused on resolving that first.

For this issue, I’ve read that some DFF files have DST encoding that Roon doesn’t support, so I’ve concluded that I’ll need to convert all those files to DSF. That really bugs me because Roon marketing says DFF is supported, not “SOME DFF is supported.” I am a novice on these details and will be converting many files, some of which probably should be already supported if DFF without additional encoding.

I can upload a file or two using wetransfer if you provide an email address for wetransfer to share it with. Those files will be available for 5 days from when I upload them.