Why aren't all your friends using Roon?


Hmm, never had a problem using WiFi with Roon or going over the network thru multiple switches.

If what affects you affected many other people, it wold be obvious on this forum.

I have 27 devices on my network.

(Andrew Webb) #310

It does seem to affect lots of people. Look through the “not working on my iPhone/iPad/Airplay device” posts.

I’ve had these same problems across three different networks, with different routers serving up addresses in each of the networks.

You may not have had these problems, but I do. It’s interesting that you don’t; I wonder what the key difference is between your setup and mine? It’s especially curious because all these other streaming methods work flawlessly.

(SoulEye) #311

Airport towers (both Extreme and Time Capsule) are very unreliable (that’s one of the reasons Apple decided to discontinue the Airport line). I find that mine don’t work well with Roon. I’ve both AE and TC and 2 Airport Exoress that I use to feed my Usbridges Ethernet ports. They are connected via WiFi to my ISP router. My network problems vanished when I stopped using the Towers. The Airport Exoress now are very stable (I don’t use AirPlay though) even with firmware 7.8 but I can’t even access the TC storage anymore because of TC has with SMB in Linux.

(Andrew Webb) #312

What makes you say that? Isn’t it more likely that the next logical step would have been mesh networking, and it just wasn’t as profitable/sexy/Apple-ey for them to commit resources to?

Why do all the other streams not fail or report errors if the Airport Extreme tower is the problem?

(SoulEye) #313

What makes you say that?
Lot of Internet readings including Apple forums.

(SoulEye) #314

I really don’t know. I just shared my experience. I’m not saying it applies to your situation.

(Daniel Bretherton) #315

Roon also needs more products like Elac Discovery to have roon already implemented in the device and price inclusive. No casual user wants to mess around with Windows PC’s or Roon Rocks.


Good feedback. Roon really needs to work on its UX throughout. Enough with the hardware side already!

(simon arnold) #317

30 odd connected devices in my network and have modem, router, wireless ap and 3 switches all fine all kit from different manufacturers. Personally I would never use an Apple network product again after the Airport Extreme I had years ago it was awful.

Yes some users have network problems but if you look around at any multitroom networked audio system they all have users with similar problems so its not a Roon exclusive.


Simon is right. I have had terrible experience with Apple network products. They only work flawlesly if everything in the network is an apple product. Mixing it with non apple routers,swiches,nas or computer is nothing but trouble.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #319

Agreed. I have no problem with hardware integration, especially since it should recruit subscribers and yield more money for software development.

But I would like to see a balance with the library side of things. It’s been a long time since users pointed out that there’s no way to import custom metadata, no easy way to use boolean logic in tag combinations, things that other complete media library products provide.


I too - like others here - ditched my Airport Extreme / Express based network. I was getting a lot of dropped packets. I suspect (but it’s a guess) that the other streaming protocols are less susceptible. Maybe to do with being lower fidelity and being able to buffer more.

(Greg Thompson) #321

Are all Apple products a problem with Roon? Even iPads?


My fear is a post from Brian a while back on one of the Chromecast threads (which seems to have been edited) about the UI overhaul. The gist was that it was an ongoing process and that you’ve “started to see that already”. The tone seemed to suggest that we already have parts of the UI overhaul. Which was disappointing.

I spent a fair while saying I had faith in Roon coming right and give it time. I come back to the forums from time to time to see if anything earth shattering has been announced. But the truth is I shut my ROCK down a few months ago and haven’t been back. One day I might have cause to do so. It’s more than UI. It’s UX.


Don’t think so. I’ve got iPads and iPhones that worked fine with Roon (and Macs). The 12" iPad pro is probably the best front end for Roon. The issue seemed to be with the airport.


Hi James.

yes, there SO much now lagging and needing attention, in addition to the boolean logic development and metadata, adding and modifying bios and reviews, even simple scrolling (sidebar) with the android app, fixing the … bug on exporting, having a log of exports, revamping the editing/fixing of tracks and their listings, the ability to see ALL text in tag and album views (or at least reveal text when hovering), lack of a proper mobile experience, that’s just off the top of my head.

Ive said it before… but the original dev is what we’re living mostly as regards UX and that’s usually “good enough” to get going, lacking refinement to make a polished product. The op was about why friends aren’t using Roon, and for the most part it’s expense and a certain lack of user friendliness both in setup and in UX (for many these 2 combined are insurmountable, couple the WTF moment when you tell them it’s as much as they pay for streaming, or don’t because they jump from free trial to free trial, to them limping through the Roon trial if they get that far, and finding out that it doesn’t have a proper mobile app to export to for all that money, and it’s a bugger to get to work via Wifi anyway, and you get people dissillusioned before you start).

You have to be dedicated to our craft and see past the rough edges for it to hook you.

PS… I am also sure some users are grudgingly swayed to remain on board because of vague illusory glimmers of hope that somewhere down the line the whole UX will be revamped… the number of times I’ve heard “Be patient, it’s coming” makes me think of some religious inference which I’m far too PC to mention here :slight_smile:

Right, early morning rant over, haha… love Roon!! Dedicated user here, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

(Robert ) #325


I’m confused? I think Roon works just fine, but I’m not one to complain. I’ve never made a support request either. I just figure out what I want to do.

Normally, I pick an Artist, then an album, press the play button and go. I use the Roon remote interface 4-6 hours a day from my ipad. Works great - so maybe I’ve figured out the user interface well enough to make it work for my uses. What exactly do you need fixed?


When you say you’ve shut rock down, you are no longer using roon at all? :frowning:


There’s fixed and improved, two things :slight_smile:

Some things need fixing and some things need improving.

Fixing would include the exporting of albums with … in them. EDIT… Also the very marked slowdown with certain sub-views of Tag contents. But there’s not that much which needs fixing. It’s just that these things that DO need fixing just aren’t being fixed, which is demoralising in itself.

On the whole I’d like to see a lot of improvements, and further development in new and exciting areas, ongoing, not every couple of years or so. I’ve see a couple of significant changes in the last 18 months of my membership, namely the play button modification and … erm that’s pretty much it in terms of significant UI/UX improvements.

I’m just excited for the future potential of this platform, but am a bit frustrated in the lack of progress towards fulfilling the potential.

I use Roon extensively, don’t get me wrong, but I can understand why “normal people” who are happy with Itunes and ipods, and phones as their main source of music listening, which is a huge demographic, wouldn’t consider Roon. And don’t forget the all important interfaces now ubiquitous for car play. Integration round the house is an important part of music listening but there’s a whole other world out there untethered.

(Robert ) #328

Thank you for your ideas and detailed response.