Why aren't Roon's "Hearts" making me feel loved?

Coming back to Roon after years away, so really a Roon Newbie. Really, I’m starting from scratch in building out my favorite albums, artists and tracks, and I’m using both Qobuz and TIDAL. Reading through the User Guide, I think I know what SHOULD be happening when I click a Roon heart, but I’m getting a weird (at least to me) scenario, so a quick question if I may.

I’m selecting an album in Roon and “hearting” it, then selecting specific tracks and “hearting” them, but when I go back later to view the album from the overview screen, it’s only showing the tracks I favorited, and then gives a link to view the full album (screenshot attached).

That seems silly and an unnecessary extra step. Is this the way Roon is supposed to work for using hearts?

Make sure you add the album to your library first. Then, heart the album or the individual tracks.

An album cannot be hearted unless it is in one’s library, at least not when using Tidal, I don’t have Qobuz.

I think @Charles_Wynn found a bug. When I heart an album, it shows in the album view (with the heart checked of course), when I heart a track, it shows in the track view.

I am adding the album to my library first. There just seems to be some kind of syncing problem or something.

Are you in Album view when looking for hearted albums? Unfortunately, there is no single location to show all tracks and albums that have been hearted.

I am in Album view. As I dig into this, it keeps getting weirder, and all of it I would consider poor UI. For example, I’m seeing albums that I had hearted yesterday listed in album view, but when I click on that album it’s not shown as hearted, but the 2 or 3 tracks I hearted are listed, but not the whole album (similar to what I listed in the original post). I then have to “re-heart” the album again, then the whole album’s tracks are listed. Strange, and definitely not intuitive, me thinks.

Yep, there’s a bunch of things they’ve done one way or that don’t seem to work consistently that I’ve just come to live with as the next release will mix it up again.

I often find I will add an album from Tidal and cannot heart it or any tracks until I select Add to Library again. Annoying. It seems to me many have just accepted these quirks for the good that Roon brings, others complain about them frequently, and the Roon team has their own list of objectives. Cleaning up and fixing the UI/UX doesn’t really seem to be hight on the priority list. Nor do playlists. We’re all different and use the product differently, the trick is to find your own use within the bounds and limitations and remember the really amazing bits of Roon from time to time.

I would restart your Core if you have not recently just to be safe.

I often select Tracks then the heart and all my fav tracks appear and Roon swims through them randomly. This is a great feature for me

Thank you. There’s an almost “Zen-like” perspective you’re sharing there, on how to deal with such irritating things. LOL!

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Any Krauss fan is a fan of mine.

That song ‘Lie Awake’ was written by the wonderful Angel Snow who we have been lucky enough to host a few times. Check her out…