Why bother with file management? TIDAL HiFi & Roon gets to listening!

That’s it, you’re tired of managing files, backing up NAS drives, and worrying about metadata. Roon as a Tidal Client.

Start from scratch. Use your Tidal Account and add the music you want to listen to and start, really, listening. Sure, Tidal might not have your favorite Tool album, Live Bootlegs or some Vinyl Rips. Just add them in to Roon from a back up, to create a very modest library size.

Further, you can move about the world (with an Internet connection) and have most of your music accessible. (You could get more technical and use a VPN service; until Roon releases the capability to stream your own music.)

I know this sounds like a giant ad, still when you look at the simplicity and accept that TIDAL HiFi streams at a very acceptable quality.

What are your thoughts or criticism?

EDIT: I was reminded of the Digital Auio Review Aricle that covers this exceptionally well.
Tidal HiFi Puts a CD Store in Your House

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Well, apart from trusting your entire musical collection to a service that may not be around in 6 months time it seems like a flawless plan!


Good comments, thanks.

There is no loss to your collection if TIDAL HiFi fails. Plus they aren’t the only show in town for lossless streaming.

Should Tidal fail, users of Tidal and Roon would exactly lose the register or list of albums that they listen too.

The mitigation solution is to export, via Roon, the excel spreadsheet of the albums you don’t physically own on a periodic basis.

Well, here is one… Whole topic area.
[Roon Metadata Issues]

I understand that many of Tidal’s albums are remastered releases, which would in many cases mean it’s been overly compressed and not sound anywhere as good as the originals.

Hmm. Could you provide an example?

I certainly have noticed mastering quality in the past between certain releases.

I circle back to importing the version that you own into your Roon Library from a back up.

Good point, that would be a show stopper for some.

Google Loudness Wars & Dynamic Range

I did, about 5 years ago. Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Couple of questions:

Is there a direct or strong correlation to “Loud” recordings and lack of enjoyment? Like a study with conclusive evidence.

Is there evidence that Tidal uses the versions that have been mastered with maximum loudness?

(Appologies for the snark, I know what you are getting at.)

John Darko has an excellent editorial on this exact topic. Read on!

The only study for people should be their own ears and equipment. Some over the top examples of compression like Metallica’s Death Magnetic aside, people need to listen for themselves. I am not a fan of the compressed sound so common since the 90s. I guess I first noticed it when I got a “remastered” album and thought it sounded worse than the original.

Have you been able to determine if the Tidal version of Metallica’s Death Magnetic is any different on Tidal than in your own collection?

Somewhat off topic but I’m with John Darklmat 30 bucks a month Tidal HIFi and Roon are the greatest bargain in Audio I’ve come across since my NAD 3020 many years ago.

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I think you’re right on topic.

Tidal is Tone Audio’s digital product of the year for 2014

I can’t imagine it would be any different, remastered or not. The only non compressed release of that abomination was included in some game I don’t remember now. There was a massive difference in the level of compression…the released CD was basically unlistenable.

Well until there is a consensus on how Roon manages local files (watched, organized)- I have once again disabled my local copy of my music library.

I’m all TidalHifi at the moment. Well, All iTunes & AppleMusic. Roon and Tidal continue being a “hobby” set-up.

Build 102 adds Tidal leveling (and bunch of other things) and continues to get more and more well integrated.