Why can not find DAC by HDMI?

I have a Rockna Wavedream DAC.I have connected Roon Nucleus+ to this DAC by HDMI cable.Rockna is not Roon Test,so this device can not be found in the list of the co-producers.Next what should I do?

I don’t know this DAC, but does a Nucleus support HDMI output? Can you try a USB connection instead?

I have also moved this thread to Nucleus Support, so that Roon’s support team can find it.

Hi @Shaopei,

When you go to Settings > Audio do you see options for HDMI output on the Nucleus?

The dac is having HDMI connector but does not use hdmi protocol, it’s i2s

HDMI of this DAC is i2s.I just use HDMI cable.I want to know that whether the Roon Nucleus+ support i2s connecting by HDMI cable?

Does the Roon Nucleus+ not use i2s protocol at HDMI port?I want to use i2s connecting.This DAC is available.

Does that mean Roon Nucleus+ do not support i2s protocol?

it uses HDMI for video so no it doesn’t support i2s on it. Like any normal computers HDMI port would - to a monitor. Hope you havent damaged the interface of either as they are not electrically compatible.

you need something like a DDC maybe Denafrips like the IRIS https://www.denafrips.com/iris but Alvin @VinshineAudio should be able to confirm the Rockna interface support on his products.

No, not electrically compatible. Disconnect them immediately before you do any further reply.

Before you purchase a DDC, check the pin compatibility, especially if the DDC I2S pinout is not or only have limited configuration options.

If you don’t use a DDC or a streamer, connect it via USB.

Roon Nucleus+ USB connection Rockna DAC sound normal.