Why can’t I disable “album artist” in tracks view?

I often use tracks view for viewing tracks from compilation albums where the “album artist” field in the chocolate hammer of all the options yet it is the only field I cannot deselect.


Hey @Sloop_John_B,

If you’re sorting or filtering by one of the fields you are not able to remove it from the list. In the screenshot you’ve provided it looks like you’re currently sorting by the Album Artist field. Try changing the sort to another field and then you should be able to remove it.


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So simple when you know how!



EDIT: However if I choose this view from view tracks

It seems to default again to the album artist view (even though I’ve deselected it)

Selecting any other field makes it disappear.

Not the end of the world but strange nonetheless.

Sorry, to jump in with a side comment, I LOVE “Back of my Hand (I’ve Got Your Number)” by The Jags.

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