Why can’t the Nucleus see what’s in my laptop’s music folder?

I need the Nucleus support team to look at this thread starting with my post on April 21st. Why can’t the Nucleus see what’s in my laptop’s music folder?

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Those post have been moved into this topic to keep all the history together.

The Roon Core (in this case the nucleus) can see music from the following locations:

  • Its own local storage (by default the nucleus doesn’t come with a music storage hard drive). You could install an additional drive into the nucleus for that purpose, or attach an external usb drive.
  • A network attached storage (also referred to as a NAS). This is a folder on one of the computers on your network that needs to be explicitly shared / configured.
  • Streaming services such as Tidal and Qobuz

So by default it is correct that the nucleus doesn’t see the laptop’s music folder. In your case, it might be the easiest to just put all of your music on an external USB drive and plug it into the nucleus.

If you insist on the nucleus seeing the laptop’s music folder, then you will have to explicitly share that folder from your laptop. You can find instructions on how you can do that here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_How_do_I_create_a_shared_folder_on_Windows_and_add_it_as_a_watched_folder_in_Roon%3F. Similar instructions exist for mac computers in the Knowledge Base.

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I had one problem with my albums in music doubled. You guys fixed that with where was I pointing to my music location. A new question, if I copy a CD to my PC and it shows up in my pc music folder, shouldn’t it show up in Roon?

Yes, if that folder is in Settings==>Storage and Enabled


I’m starting to get a bit crazy. I did what you said. I even disabled and created a new folder. Both times showed the same amount of files, 6. But I have 30 different sub-folders with different music. Do I have to click on all the folders in my music folder?

Screenshots would help.

Roon will pick up all sub-folders that are under any main folder you have entered in Settings==>Storage.

No, that would be absurd.

What does Settings==>Storage look like? Screen print, please.

OK here you go.

I thought you were using a Nucleus. Settings==>Storage that you showed me is from a PC.

The File Explorer display you showed me is on a WIN10 PC.

For the 56 tracks that were imported, where did they come from?

You can find this by picking a track and clicking on the three dots menu on the extreme right -

Then click on ‘File Info’ in the resulting menu -
You’ll get a display that will tell you where the track came from -

When you do that, do you get a directory that you recognize? Let me see a screen print, please.

Also, since you are seem to be running Roon on a PC, then your tracks should be accessible from the ‘Music Folder’ in Settings==>Storage, if the ‘File Explorer’ display you showed me is from the same PC.

Maybe your files aren’t importing? Look in Settings==>Library for skipped files.

Sure thing. I thought Roon was one way to stream your own music.
Here is the picture you want.

OK, so Settings==>Storage is picking up your subfolders under Music.

What does the skipped files section look like.

Again, did you decide not to use Nucleus?

The reason I’m not using Roon for storage is that I haven’t installed an extra drive in it. Skipped files are empty.

OK, I’m stumped.

One last thing. In Settings==>Storage click on the three rightmost dots and force a rescan.

Where does ‘Music Folder’ point to on a Nucleus?

It will have a file path name that starts out ‘Nucleus’, if there are any data drives connected.

Currently, the OP is running Core on a PC, evidently.

I’m afraid that wasn’t clear to me - I guess I got lost somewhere along the way…

Easy to do in this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did that already. No change in files. Even tried to make a new folder but no change.

Here is a screen copy of the storage path. I guess it’s time to get the support team involved. Should be enough evidence from this thread with all the screenshots. I would think that just showing the music folder from a PC on Roon would not be a huge challenge.

Normally it isn’t, but clearly something odd is happening with your particular setup.

Flagging @support for you. Guys, in summary, only 56 files have been imported from the default Windows 10 Music folder into Roon, despite the fact that there should be many more. The Skipped Files folder in Roon is empty. The Roon Core is on a Windows 10 PC (despite the fact that much of this thread is discussing a Nucleus)

@John_Pluta - a question for you: I see that you are using files with the WAV format. Are all your files in this format?