Why can’t we upload album cover jpg’s?

Too many of my album imports don’t bring the embedded art with them. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I simply could attach a jpg, but, no, Roon wants me to link to a url. Pain in the butt, but even that wouldn’t be that big a deal if the iPad app could read the url and attach the cover reliably. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen reliably. What are my other options?

Drop a JPG called cover or folder in the album directory via SMB…

You can add JPGs but not from an ipad you need a pc or mac.

Just drag and drop the jpeg onto Roon.

Thanks. Prefer to embed so files are portable, but would do this if I had to.

I will have to try this on the PC, then. Thanks.

Thanks, Danny. Not sure how I do that on an iPad, but I can use a PC for this.

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