Why can't I choose audio output from a 'remote' instance of Roon?

I find it odd that the ‘library’ instance of Roon can be controlled from say the iPad, but if I install a ‘remote’ instance of Roon, I can’t choose to use another controller (like say the iPad) to send audio out for a different remote. So for example, I currently have two Intel NUCs running roon, The library NUC is connected to my DAC, for higher quality listening. The remote NUC has a line out into my Sonos so that I can listen to Roon across my entire house through the Sonos. Problem is because of the way Roon is set up, I can only use the iPad to control the ‘library’ instance, whereas the remote instance connected to my Sonos can only be accessed by remote desktop into the NUC.

I understand why there should be only one library, but I don’t understand why every single other feature isn’t essentially at parity between the library and remote instances. There shouldn’t be a difference. And in particular, I should be able use any instance of Roon to send output to any audio device on the network.

You’re not alone !

That is exactly what RoonSpeakers (and RAAT) will achieve in version 1.2, which will be the next major release.