Why can't I listen to an album on Tidal through Roon?

Why can’t I listen to the album on Tidal with Roon?
IU 5th Album’LILAC’
I can find this album on Tidal and listen to it.
But no matter what method I use, I can’t listen to it through Roon.

Searching on Roon doesn’t work.
Even if I search by singer, this album doesn’t come out.
Even if I make this album a playlist on Tidal, it doesn’t appear on Roon.
In Roon settings, do sync library now
Roon core is also rebooted…

What should I do?
Shouldn’t all of Tidal’s music be available through Roon?
Can I listen to music in Tidal only when it is in Roon DB?

Released 25 March 2021. It can take a day or so for Roon and Tidal to sync up.

If it’s a new album you can try and add the album to your library in Tidal and manually run a sync in Roon.

This works for me in Qobuz but you can try it for Tidal also.

is that so.?
Yes I will wait.
Anyway, the reason I use Roon is to maximize my audio performance…
It’s a little frustrating not to be able to listen to the music in Tidal.

I’ve tried all those methods.
Put the album in the Tidal library
Put all individual songs in the Tidal playlist…

Like your photo, try library sync in Roon.
Try rebooting the Roon core as well.
Reinstallation after deletion…

Still can’t.

Maybe Roon is not for you. They don’t sync instantaneously.

Hi @hochul_son, welcome to the Roon Community.
I just went through the procedure to try and add her new album through Qobuz and it did not add for me either. Because the time between release is short, this sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It will almost always work within 3-4 days (usually shorter). When it doesn’t, then there is something wrong and Roon should know.
There is a delay because Roon will synchronize all the data Tidal/Qobuz have with the Roon database. That is what is needed to enjoy the album in Roon. They run these synchronizations in batches, and more frequently at the end of the week when new albums go to streaming services.
It is frustrating, made worse by a passion for a favorite artist.

But now, Roon has the best sound quality, so it is inevitably used…
Besides, I paid for a year already…

I paid for a lifetime. I can wait a few days for new albums in Tidal and Qobuz to be available in Roon.