Why can't I stay logged in to the site?

This is very frusrating, please amend or let me know what I am missing. Thanks :sunglasses:

I had that problem when using safari on iOS9. I don’t think it’s a problem for this site Per Se.

Same here. Windows 10 / Firefox. Seems to have started happening around the same time as the account consolidation. Coincidence?

Error posting

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Error posting
[/quote]You are not giving much away there, can you elaborate.

Ai tried to post on another topic. As I hit the button, the screen jumped and it went to the wrong topic. Then I couldn’t see just how to delete it so I cleared the text. Then I had to leave some words, then I had to be a minimum of 10 so we have my message…Then I gave up on the whole thing… You asked…:sunglasses:

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I see, so not related to this topic then :wink:
I know you use an iPad a lot, the most likely cause of this is that you inadvertently tapped a link to another page. I done it myself, pressing the browser back button normally sorts it out.

To delete a post, click on the … this will expand the options and display a “Trash Can”.