Why Can't I Use My Windows Surface Tablet?

Why is it that I can’t use my Windows Surface Tablet for remote operation of the Roon software?

Surface RT? RT won’t run native windows apps.

If not a Surface RT then there should be no reason unless you are getting the Open GL error?

The new Surface RT is the Surface to run Roon I think you need the Surface Pro.

Surface 3, not RT. It’s Atom based, not sure how well it will run the software, I’ll try it when I get home tonight.

Yes it is a Surface RT

Surface RT has an ARM processor that isn’t capable of running x86 based apps unfortunately. Only Modern Apps available in the Store.

The Surface Pro runs Roon well, a few others on the forums have mentioned it works really nicely.

Unfortunately, I have the Surface RT and I get a non-compatibility message.

as @DrTone said, the RT tablet is ARM based, and isn’t really running a proper version of Windows.

I believe it lacks a “Desktop Mode”, which is required to run Roon, because Roon is not a Windows Store App (it can’t be due to rules of the Windows Store).

Correct, the old Surface RT cannot run Roon.
But you said “the new Surface RT”. The new Surface is not an RT, as you say it has an Atom processor.
I use it successfully for Roon.

(I use it as a remote, haven’t tried it as a server.)

I have a Surface 3 (not Pro) and it runs Roon as a remote with no issues. Nifty little Windows device as long as you don’t need the Pro version.

I installed Roon on my Surface 3. It works fine, just not near as smooth scrolling as my Macbook Pro and Desktop.

Dr Tone,

Does Surface 3 work as an endpoint? If I purchased it, I am assuming based on your comments I could use it to control my main “core” server and system but does it have enough horsepower to use it as an endpoint to attach to a DAC for my headphone system?

I haven’t used it that way. But can’t see any reason why not as long as you don’t get crazy with audio analysis.