Why device volume cannot be controlled with the Roon DSP? Roon Ready Bricasti M5

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Do you have any idea why device volume cannot be controlled with the Roon DSP? I am trying to use an officially Roon Ready Bricasti M5 streamer and it has only “fixed” volume and “device volume” settings in the setup, and the “device” volume is fixed too.

I am not allowed to switch to DSP volume as it is not shown. The Bricasti M5 provides only AES/SPDIF/USB output and there is no volume control in the device itself, but I do not understand why it disables the DSP volume control?

Any idea how to get it work?


The Roon @support team prefer one topic per customer’s issue… so they are able to track it and focus on each individual problem. hence I split your topic.

Thanks, understood.

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I wonder who should do what? Is it the question of the Roon endpoint implementation by Bricasti or is it the way how Roon handles these devices generally? This can make the life of digital input active speaker user’s life a bit more difficult while I see no benefit of such kind of limitation. If it is a limitation not a bug.

The RAAT endpoint implementation by the manufacturer, when done correctly, will notify Roon Core device the availability of device volume and allow users to choose it. In some cases, the device need to be configured correctly using the device native UI (instead of Roon) first.

If the device declares it does not support volume control, then Roon will not allow volume control over RAAT, because RAAT volume control is done by the device, not the Roon Core. The situation is different for RAAT vs USB DAC.

Thanks for the answer, this is how I understood it too. However I do not want to use the endpoint’s built-in device control, I want to use Roon’s DSP volume control. It was allowed with all other RAAT endpoint I have tried. The M5 is the first one I have tried where it is not possible. If the M5 would have a Hqplayer NAA compatible mode I could try it with NAA and use HQP’s dithered volume control even under Roon, but it does not do NAA. Unfortunately.

It is up to the manufacturer to put it in the endpoint, as some endpoints have special hardware volume control, e.g. analog implementation, or special algorithm like Leedh Processing Volume in Lumin.

Yes, true.

My experiment is about to use Roon’s dithering and volume control implementation to feed my active speakers which has AES input beside the analog (which goes through an ADC stage). I can try to use dCS Network Bridge (now discontinued), or Weiss Engineering DSP 501 or 502 or even MiniDSP SHD Studio, where there is an FPGA or DSP dithering on-board or Lumin of course with its Leedh processing. I am just experimenting at the moment to find out which suits my Danley Studio 2 active 3-way speakers and my taste best and to find out if Roon or Hqplayer volume control would be practical and high quality enough.

Try connecting via USB.

I have quite a few other (USB-connected devices too), so I can do it with other tools, but a USB connection is not possible with the M5 to Roon Core, unfortunately.


An update is available for your M5. Please contact your local dealer for details.


Thanks a lot for the quick action, now, after the update installed last night it has the DSP volume control capability. Exemplary support.

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