Why did you buy Roon?

I’m looking for as much good arguments as possible to convince friends to invest in Roon. Can you help me out ?

My arguments now

  1. Music is about emotion and not about the technical stuff that is necessary to create that emotion. Roon’s interface makes it very easy to hide the technical complexity while providing a state of the art interface. It is the quality of the interface that augments the joy of the musical experience. The added metadata from Rovi (?) not only does a great job at tagging the info (see 2.) but creates a learning experience by delivering bios and album reviews etc.

  2. The tagging and metadata delivered : it is difficult to admit after all those years painstakingly tagging music, but the quality of the search results on a previously unmanaged library is nothing less than spectacular.

  3. The Tidal integration is the first integration of a music service that goes beyond the traditional API question an answer and integrated playlist management. A Tidal album is managed in exactly the same way as a ripped CD in the database.

  4. The technical stuff : it can always be better but one can fairly say that the components that ar ready are state of the art, and it is clear that there is a technical vision on how to expand the Roon ecosystem.

  5. The support and community quality : there is simply a positive vibe on the site. Support is taken very seriously and the community is active and supportive. CxO management is actively involved on the site which is hugely important


It’s an inexpensive way to run a Meridian endpoint.

I believe the very best salesman for Roon (and the one which persuaded me) is to put a Remote with a local library and Tidal integration into someone’s hands and let them play with it. The user experience is unparalleled and immediately appealing, both to anyone with prior experience of digital audio (perhaps especially for them !) and, most importantly, for people who just like music.