Why dig download versions data so incomplete?

Rant on > Probably an old question, but why is it that the digital download albums purchased through most any service (qobuz, hdtracks, acoustic sounds etc…) contain hardly any metadata?

It’s very frustrating to say the least (to me anyway). I have no idea the catalog number, version, remastered or not etc… There is a TON of info that should be embedded in every file based on its source! All you get is like 4 fields. Then you, after spending the money, have to spend time hunting down the info and embedding the info (which you have no idea if its correct) via dbpoweramp or equiv.

Why wouldn’t a digital download not contain all the relevant info contained in the CD liner notes / leaflet? A PDF of the leaflet should also be included (very few do supply this). You’re paying the same price as the CD, why this info isn’t included I don’t understand. I’m not suggesting the lyrics, essays etc… be part of the metadata.

Is it a task too large for a music service to embed all the correct data or is it that they assume a streaming service’s DB will take care of it?

Certainly when one uses a product like ROON, it does take care of a lot of the metatdata, but if the files had all the info from the start, the import process would still be much cleaner (at least I would think) but again, that’s not really the point.

I don’t stream in my main rig and so maybe I’m the minority (I purchase the music) and some my make the argument that’s why they stream, but that is really not the point of this question < rant off :wink:

Seems like a question for those you are paying for the music - my guess, there’s little money in metadata, in fact it costs money to maintain and the vast majority of consumers don’t care about it or want it and certainly aren’t demanding it

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Yes would appear I’m the minority / individuals that maintain their own library and not the streamer crowd.

Although not sure why one wouldn’t care about having correct / thorough metadata when purchasing digital albums. I would like to know the details of the files “origin” that I’m purchasing. Just seems silly that the proper info isn’t provided