Why do I have Bruckner, Anton and Anton Bruckner as Composers and what can i do about it?

In my library, i only have composers for Classical Music. All other works/albums have artist or album artist fields only. My composers are last name first. When i imported, i find i have all my Bruckner, Anton albums/works plus a number of Anton Bruckner albums/works. The latter come in from Tidal.

This is something that i can live with, but i wonder if here is a function to merge these into one name - either would be ok, just looking for consistency.

Our first round of editing functionality was released a few months back and mostly concerns how your music is displayed in Roon – when Roon’s data is used vs when your file tags or edits are displayed, the editing of display fields like Artist name, album title, track title, etc.

What’s not yet possible (but is coming) is the actual editing of the “objects” that form our database – changing the links between works and composers or artists and albums, merging objects into each other, etc. This is all coming, but it’s a big project, so we’ll be letting everyone know the time frame as it comes together. There are a number of improvements to our classical feature set on our roadmap as well that should help in these cases.

For now, if you have albums that aren’t identified I would recommend using the Identify feature, as there’s a good amount of work done in our cloud database to address these equivalence issues, and in some cases this will be resolved by matching your files to our database (assuming that’s not already the case).

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And just to add – our system is built to handle lots of different spelling variations and aliases, so we’ll be able to do a lot better here in the future.

Thanks Mike - appreciate you attention and reply. I think you have created a loyal set of followers that are supportive and want to help you get Roon to work in the best way possible.

Rachmaninoff and Rachmaninov already annoyed me so much


OMG, Yes!! Me too! I have found my people.

In the years that I have been editing the track metadata of my albums, I have always put entries for the Composer ID3v2 tag as Last name, First name.

I notice that Roon doesn’t always manage to sort this out properly, and I have examples of Composers separately listed in both sort orders, e.g. as for Tchaikovsky and Verdi shown here:

Would it help Roon if I changed the sort order for Composers to First name, Last name, or is this going to be unnecessary work with the imminent arrival of 1.2?

This is a big complex problem and we have a lot planned to address these kinds of issues but not for 1.2, which is largely going to be focused on audio functionality, along with Linux, RoonBridge, and a few other features.

Our next major release after 1.2 will be focused on metadata and editing, with particular attention paid to classical, and I think it will address exactly these kinds of issues. Appreciate your patience Geoff!

OK, thanks @mike, understood. I might experiment a little with my tags if I find the wait too difficult to deal with…

Really looking forward to the release after 1.2 :smiley: