Why do I have so many duplicates "other network devices" showing?

Roon Core Machine

ROCK Intel NUK 10 Intel Core i3 Processor

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Roon Core hardwired to Xfinity Wifi Modem

Connected Audio Devices

Hegel 190: Roon Ready Internal Streamer > Internal DAC > H190 > Speakers
miniDSP SHD Studio > Denafrips Aries II > Preamp > Amplifier > Speakers
Bluesound Node 2i > Integrated Amplifier > Speakers
Schiit Modi 3 to Magni to headphones

Description of Issue

I see many duplicates of a device (H190) showing in the list of “other network devices” (AirPlay). How do I remove these unnecessary AirPlay devices (about 11) from the list?

@David_Ohm Roon displays all the devices it finds and offers to use them. When devices are removed as hardware, they are removed in the same way as when you remove a device driver installation on the (operating) system. Other applications may still need them. Roon only shows what is installed.

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Whilst that’s true there’s obviously something wrong here as there are multiples of the same device being shown.
There should only be one airplay socket not 25.

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This has happened to other users of Hegel and I had it on my Naim Atom every time it’s restarted. I think for the Hegel user it was related to an mDNS repeater being active on their network. Roon were supposed to have been looking to fix it, looks like they have forgotten that one. Never got a fix for me so I just turned Airplay off.

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Hello @David_Ohm ,

Thank you for the report here! I spoke to the team about this one and this is most likely related to mDNS caching these values, potentially on your router. We are unable to reproduce this issue in the lab, so we are unsure what setting needs to be changed, but if you have any mDNS settings related to caching on your router, you may want to try to disable this.

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