Why do I not see my NUC with ROCK under my network on Win10 PC?

Please see screenshots.
For whatever reason I do not see my NUC with ROCK under the Network tab of my Win10 PC.
However it is working perfectly without any issues (touch wood!)
So this is more a why question than a panic help question.
Any thoughts?

see screenshot that was from the seller who I bought the NUC from a few months back.
This is nuc info…NUC7i3BNH, Akasa Plato X7 Fanless Case, 8GB, 250GB/1TB SSD

And same screenshot today…

And then I got this message when I decided to format the drive in the NUC…

Anybody have any ideas on this? @support.
It would be nice to actually use that internal 1tb hard drive to load some music onto.
As I said it is working perfectly but most odd it cannot be seen on my network.

@kevin_raynard Do you have SMBv1 enabled?

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Pure genius!
No I did not but now I do and many thanks for that information!
See new network screen.

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Glad it’s working.

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I would NEVER have thought of that tbh.

And just tested by loading some music onto the ROCK internal HDD over the network which worked perfectly and the albums showed up on my Roon albums instantly.

Win, win, win.

I love this community!

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