Why do my album covers keep changing?

When new music is added to the library, a number of album covers will invariably be changed for no rhyme or reason. The albums may not have anything to do with the music added.

There must be some setting that I have wrong permitting Roon to keep changing album covers. Is there some setting that I can tweak to prevent album covers from continually changing? Thanks.

Hi @Sam_Ruff,

Can you provide screenshots of an example of this?

Is it always the same albums ?

I will try to do that when I get home from work tonight. It is usually random albums.

Hello. I run this setup completely headless and can’t figure out how to paste my screenshot while typing on this site. Trust me when I describe my situation. Here is a random example: when I look at Bob Marley, there are three albums One shows the correct Bob Marley album. One is an Allman Brothers cover and another one is a Bob Dylan cover.

In my metadata, each song has the correct album cover associated with it. However, something happens when Roon looks at it. Does the folder structure on my hard drive have anything to do with this?


Hi @Sam_Ruff,

It’s hard to say without seeing the issue for ourselves exactly what is going on here. If possible, some screenshots would be a huge help. We have instructions on how to take and add screenshots here:


Are you looking at these albums from the Bob Marley artist page? Are the albums correct Bob Marley albums but just showing different covers? Are you using Roon images or file images?

Great. Thanks for the guidance. I will get some screenshots uploaded this weekend.

This is the screen shot with the Bob Marley albums

Here is one where all my Bob Wills albums have the same cover

All of my Elvis Costello albums have an Allman Brothers cover on them

Here is an Albert Lee album cover showing up on Giant Sand Provisions.

I think I have figured out the issue. It seems to have to do with the folder structure on my hard drive. When I create separate folders for each album, the cover is correct. Going forward, I am going to reformat my hard drive to ensure that each album has its own folder

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Hi @Sam_Ruff,

Thanks for the followup! Yes, if you’re using images from files but the there are multiple albums and images all together in one folder you could see this issue. Creating individual folders for each album should do the trick for you.