Why do the same DACs show two different Roon signal paths?

A friend just shared this screen shot of his signal path using a Meridian Explorer 2 DAC playing and MQA file.

This is my screenshot of my signal path using the identical DAC, also playing an MQA file.

Can someone explain why they are different? Thanks!

First of all. The setup seems to be different. You have a microRendu in the chain.

Second, you might want to check the MQA settings under audio devices. Make sure you configure as per your device.

Roon can see past the MicroRendu to see your Explorer2 but can’t identify what it is doing because there are additional settings in the Sonore device. So it just tells you it is outputting via USB and you have to confirm it is doing what it should on the Explorer 2 itself. On the first example because the Explorer 2 is plugged direct into a Roon device it can tell you exactly what the Explorer is doing.

Thanks, I am aware my chain of devices is different. But does anyone know what “Core Exclusive Mode” is for a Meridian Explorer 2? That is not an option I see in Roon in my “Device Setup” for the Explorer.

Because of a limitation in the Explorer 2, if one uses Roon’s software for the decoding and the Explorer for the Rendering only, one will not get the blue light verifying an MQA files on the Explorer. (Some folks say Meridian will fix this, but I has asked Meridian North America and it has NOT confirmed that.) So my only choice is to set the Explorer to both Decode and Render. Again I see no option for “Core Exclusive Mode.”

Could someone from Roon Support please comment on this?



Core Exclusive Mode is part of Mac OS X’s CoreAudio subsystem and it’s important to use Exclusive Mode to guarantee bit perfect playback when Explorer2 is connected to a Mac via USB. However, you are streaming to the MicroRendu via the network, and Mac CoreAudio doesn’t come into play at all.

BTW, our support team monitors the support subforums, not this nameless one.

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@joel thanks. I guess I don’t know how to make sure my question appears in a “support subform.” Could you point me to a link that explains how I can avoid this mistake in the future? Thanks.

Click on the Roon logo at the top. Sub forums will be listed, support is the second one using an iPad.

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@Henry_McLeod Thanks very much!

Hi @Geoff_Mirelowitz. If you start a new topic not in the context of a sub-forum, you can also change the sub-forum it appears in using the drop-down box (in red below):

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@joel Many thanks!

Hi all,

I have a somewhat similar issue I am trying to understand. Not sure if I should be using this thread, or starting a new one….

I have two Bluesound node 2is. Set up is identical. When I play the same track to either one the signal path is identical, but when I group them the second one is missing the MQA renderer stage at the end. Both devices are set to act as renderer only with Roon core MQA decoding turned on.

Screen shots are below, appreciate any light anyone can shed on this.