Why does focus no longer have storage info for my albums

all of sudden when using the Focus option for my albums I no longer see any Storage location info
I’m using windows 10 and have no issues when in Artists in Focus for storage
What may have caused this ?

It should be there… but you’ll need to click on the arrow.

Storage locations option is listed but under it now shows “no storage locations”

Can you share a screenshot?

how do I attach it ? (sorry I’m not too good with this )

Try removing the current filters…

already tried this and no difference…but if I choose “artists” instead of “my albums” all the storage info is there

I should have said Focus, not filter. You will only see 24 bit albums with 70.6kHz, 768kHZ and 96kHz. What happens if you click on the ‘+’ for each?

when I press on + for each of those they turn red and make no difference in effecting storage info…

Please remove them. Any change?

none…I’ wondering if I should just remove and redo my stored files because I just started up on Roon again and for most part playing upsampled 24 bit files so perhaps this would narrow it down since I don’t have a huge data folder to scan

I appreciate your help and have appointment so gotta go but please leave any workable suggestions for resolving this issue and note I have a number of music folders with random files that do not all show up when being stored in Roon…these are all wave files upsampled to 705/768 at 24 bit but I’m uncertain if a selection needs to be edited for storage …

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any other suggestions ?

:laughing: No, just what others have already posted.

I don’t think redoing your stored files is going to make a difference.

If Roon can find all your albums, then it knows about your storage.

I’m lost …can’t figure out what triggered this change …how can I present this to a Roon /support administrator ?

I just tried running Roon through my cell phone instead of Laptop and noticed on cell phone remote Roon app shows the Storage locations in Focus…??? this is very odd but I must have done something on Laptop to change this ?

I closed out my Laptop Roon and reopened and it reset to what I had established via Roon phone remote and storage now shows…
all set

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