Why does it take 7 taps to delete an album on an iPad?

Yes! It’s way too easy to add, for example, the wrong version of an album and then find yourself stuck with it. I also add albums I think I might like to a ‘listen to’ playlist - but again it’s a right pain to remove these if they don’t float my boat.

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That’s partly why I would like a “Remove from library” as accessible as the “Add to Library”. I am a Qobuz user, and nowadays stuff from Qobuz is the majority of my listening. So I use “Add to Library” in the sense of “give this a listen” whenever I see something that takes my fancy. Of course a lot of stuff is only worth one listen or less, so I want to bump stuff off quite often to stop my library filling up. I suppose more generally it would be nice to have all sorts of ways of segmenting the library. Maybe I should have a “give this a listen” playlist, but that wouldn’t work for stuff I favourite in Qobuz.

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I have exactly the same issue, but with Tidal rather than Qobuz.
100% of my listening is done via streaming, no local files whatsoever.
I filled my library initially with the ‘starter pack’ of Tidal albums, and have since over the last 3 years added and favourited many, many more.
I’d love to go through and get rid of all the albums I don’t really want - but with the 7 clicks per delete issue - that’s going to take far too long.
My assumption is that Roon doesn’t want you to do it.
But it’s completely does not cater to those who stream 100%.
I wish there was a way to at least get this into the product backlog…

I’ve got it down to 3 or 4 depending whether you have selected the album or not yet.

With the album up, #1 tap the Three dots next to the “Focus On Similar”

Then #2 tap Edit (you might need to scroll (to get to the bottom) some depending on your device)
#3 tap the delete button at the bottom…works on my iPad that way…

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You can also multiple select as many albums as you want and then go to the top and edit>delete and they are all gone.

Perhaps a garbage can system, so that if it’s deleted with one click it goes to a waste folder. Then you can delete with safety from there. But seriously, I can delete a once in a liftime photo file from my editing program with one keyboard command and one click. Music files can almost always be ripped again, downloaded, etc. Streaming files should be one click delete. Problem with batch deleting is that they need to be all in one place or at least close to.

I get six. One to open the album, two to five to delete, and then six to go back to the library. The scroll to get to the bottom of the edit menu actually makes it like seven. And that was for a title I added this morning with one click from Qobuz, listened to a track, not my cup of tea, and then seven to lose it. Unacceptable imo.

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You know that you can listen without adding don’t you? And I stand by my count!

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I’m afraid your count is wishful thinking, six taps plus a scroll are required to delete an album on an iPad. You have missed out the tap necesssary to select the album, the scroll necessary to find the otherwise hidden delete option, the tap to agree to the “Permanently delete” question and finally the tap necessary to get back to where you were.

@grossmsj that is gamechanging. Thank you. Not perfect but it helps.
You know what would be amazing though, an easy one-click ‘delete this track’ button you can access while a song is playing (I know you can do the 7-click thing while a track is playing, but who’s going to do that for each song?)
If you could easily do that, you could get rid of all the filler tracks that come when you import an album, and just get left with what you really want to listen to…

Careful with your new-found powers @Mike_Betts! :wink:

The more options/facility we have with delete functions should be met with a commitment to backups and some history of what’s been deleted. Backups, I can control. But it’s not a simple matter to track what we’ve deleted. I use the export function occasionally to get a list of everything I have. But I’m admittedly lazy about using it at all.

Of course, but please don’t patronize me. Often, say Friday mornings, it’s nice to peruse and add titles for later listening, or if I’m going though a bandcamp article etc. We don’t have a ‘dedicated listening room’ so often other family members don’t want to hear snippets of strange music, or I can’t even listen at all due to TV use etc. And yes, it’s way too many (often confusing) clicks to get anywhere on Roon, not just to delete. My hope is the next major release universalizes some things, such as the filter/funnel should help you find anything in the library no matter what view you’re in, not just funnel down that view more.

Again, that’s where a trash can system would be handy. At least it would take the title out of the main library so cut down on bloat. Then you could do a batch delete of the trash can after carefully checking it, and that delete could have all of the nanny warnings it likes (sorry, I’m a pro photographer and no other program or camera I’ve used has had this many steps to delete a one of a kind image file, let alone an easily replaceable virtual streaming file.)

@grossmsj It strikes me there are two very different use cases here:

  • deleting files from a library which potentially doesn’t have a recent back up, leading tracks to be inadvertently deleted for ever (in this scenario I see the need for caution)
  • deleting files from a library which is 100% populated by Tidal or Qobuz, so in fact these tracks are not really ‘deleted’ as they can be re-added at any time.

Since I’m in camp B, I would love a ‘forget this track’ button on the first level, with no extra validation required. But I see this might not work for a huge chunk of users.


All Roon needs is remove from library. The idea of deleting a local file through Roon is just plain silly as has been their approach in avoiding accidental deletion. Roon doesn’t provide any file based metadata editing function of any sort, no other changes to a stored file, except to nuke it? It’s a very strange product decision.


On the iPad, they could allow a long press on the album cover to bring up the “Edit” menu. They could have an immediate “Delete Album” button in that menu. They should do the same on Mac; allow right-click on Album for submenu and include “Delete Album” if you want to delete immediately.

A lot of the albums I delete from my library are ones added from Tidal, not local. The process should and could be simpler and faster.

Edit: I’m on my iPad now. In the Album View, if you long press on an album, you’ve selected the album and it brings a toolbar at the top with the blue “Play Now” button and the three dots for down menu all on the left side; there is the “Edit” button on the right. They could simply and a “Delete Immediately” button on this toolbar.

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Almost rhetorical: Ok, so let’s pretend that we now have a direct access delete button. Which users logged into your Roon instalment should be able to use this easy access delete action?

I am happy there even is an option to delete within the Roon app tbh. And for me that access is in a good place as it is.


The issue of what options are available to other users of your Roon is completely different. You might want to stop others editing playlists, editing metadata, favoriting, adding from Qobuz and so on. There have been many requests for “party mode”.

“Delete” simply does not make sense for things you have added to your library from Qobuz or Tidal, and the warning that deletion is permanent is incorrect for such items.

There seems to be a reasoned consensus that a “Remove from Library” function at the top-level would be more sensible than the current 6 clicks and a swipe and incorrect “Delete” option.


“Delete” and “Remove” are synonyms…

I don’t think so. You could remove something from your Roon library without deleting it from your hard drive. In particular you can remove a Qobuz entry from your library without deleting it from Qobuz. I see the proposed “Remove from library” as the opposite to the “Add to library” which appears next to CDs from Qobuz. So, have “Remove” easily accessible for Qobuz and Tidal stuff, and “Delete” buried for your own rips.

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