Why does my NUC (ROCK) perform disk access when nothing is streaming

I’m sitting here watching my NUC, running ROCK, with nothing streaming and nothing recently loaded into my library. The disk access light keeps flashing on every few seconds. What is it doing at idle?

Writing to logfiles, updating / syncing metadata, …

All the time? Aren’t those periodic/chron jobs?

It’s probably just scanning the watched folders. I notice this on my ROCK too.

That makes more sense. My watched folders are on a separate NAS, but I suppose there’s some sort of index compare from Roon’s drive it performs when it does that. Awfully frequent.

Have a look at the logfiles (they are plain text files), and checkout the time stamps.

Might be related…if your music is on NAS then Roon periodically (appears to be about every 5 seconds or so!!) sends a SMB query to the NAS. The NAS responds and that response could be Roon updating something on disk and hence the flashing disk access light.

If you listen to your NAS you will probably hear the disk access occurring about every 5 seconds (assuming not SSD) even when nothing else is happening. This seems to happen regardless of your storage rescan interval settings

My Pi Hole shows 1600 domain requests from ROCK in the last 24 hours, with very little streaming

don’t forgot about audio analysis … those waveforms, dynamic range computations, and crossfading cutoffs need to be generated.